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The love for food is one thing that unites the people of Singapore. Despite the wide cultural diversity, people still unite when it comes to the love for food. You could simply not choose from a lot of food choices in Singapore. From dimsums, noodles, curry, street foods, almost all Asian cuisine is cooked here! And when you are interested of building out a food business in Singapore, there are some things that you need to know before you dig in.

1.Hiring Your Staffs Can Be a Tough Jobchinese chef 

When you’re just starting out, you may want to limit your budget in hiring kitchen staffs. But unfotunately, many locals in Singapore demand a higher pay and are not willing to work for long hours. So it is best to be hands-on on the first months of operation in your business.

2. Be Financially Prepared

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Since Singapore has a limited resources of land, expect that renting a space for your food business can be quite expensive. Owners of some leased space charge a 3 to 6 months advance rent, which can really be a pain in the head. So really prepare some decent amount of cash to invest.

3. Get the Right Licenses

Get Licensed Words To Do List Board Approval Authorization

To avoid any disputes with the government, it is best to get the needed licenses before operating your business. It is a protocol for a starting venture, whatever place they may have it, to settle their licenses when opening thier business.

4. Choose Your Location Wisely

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One factor that contributes to the success of a business is its location. Will your business be located in a crowdy place? Or will it be somewhere far from the crowd? Have a great location where you can be sure that many people will recognize your restaurant.

5. Great Customer Service


Whatever kind of business you might want to venture in, remember to really invest in customer service. It’s is something that people would love so give them an impression of how great your customer service is, aside from how delicious your food is served.


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